UPsetter Riddim Shower

(Various Artists)

1996 - Trojan -CD-, #CDTRL 374
  1. Words Of My Mouth (The Gatherers)
  2. Words Of My Mouth [Version] (The Upsetters)
  3. Kuchy Skank (The Upsetters)
  4. Rejoice In Jah Jah Children (The Silvertones)
  5. Rejoicing Skank (The Upsetters)
  6. Bush Weed Corn Trash (Bunny & Ricky)
  7. Callying Butt (The Upsetters)
  8. Da Ba Bay (The Upsetters)
  9. Kiss Me Neck (The Upsetters)
  10. Curly Locks (Junior Byles)
  11. Dreader Locks (Lee & Junior)
  12. Many a Call (The Unforgettables)
  13. Too Bad Bull (Bunny & Ricky)
  14. Too Bad Cow (The Upsetters)
  15. Fists Of Fury (Lee Perry)
  16. Herb Vendor (Horse Mouth)
  17. Cane River Rock (Lee Perry & The Upsetters)
  18. Riverside Rock (The Upsetters)
  19. Stay Dread (Lee Perry)
  20. Kentucky Skank (Lee Perry)
  21. Bathroom Skank (Lee Perry)
  22. Spiritual Whip (Jah Lloyd)