UPsetter Riddim Shower


1970 - (JA) Upsetter -LP-, #TTL 28
1970 - (UK) Upsetter -LP-, #TTL 28
2004 - (UK) Upsetter -CD-, #TJCCD 209
  1. Bad Tooth
  2. The Dentis
  3. Outer Space
  4. One Punch
  5. Will You Still Love Me (Dave Barker)
  6. Take One
  7. Soul Walk
  8. I Want To Thank You
  9. Mule Train (Count Prince Miller)
  10. Touch Of Fire
  11. She Is Gone Again (Alva Lewis)
  12. The Result
    CD Bonus Tracks:
  13. Return Of The Ugly (County Sticky & The Upsetters)
  14. King Of The Trombone (Busty Brown)
  15. Selassie (The Reggae Boys)
  16. The Same Game Version (The Upsetters)
  17. No Gwow (The Upsetters)
  18. Lead Line (The Upsetters)
  19. Bab Theef (The Upsetters)
  20. The Dentist Version 2 (The Upsetters)
  21. Soul Walk Version (The Upsetters)
  22. T'ank You (The Upsetters)
Produced by Lee Perry

Track 1-12 (the tracks from the original vinyl album) were also re-released in a combo of both
Eastwood Rides Again and Scrath The Upsetter Again with the title Scratch The Upsetters Again

The album title on the label for the JA issue reads: SCRATCH THE UPSETTERS AGAIN.
The bonus tracks on the 2004 CD release were compiled by David Katz.