UPsetter Riddim Shower

This website would look a lot different if it wasn't for all the people who have helped over the years.
When I started my discography around 1989, way before the internet was a worldwide phenomenon, it was just me and my mate, Ronald de Groot. With the collections of other friends like Tom and Jos Klijn, Rolf Cox, Andreas Hollander and Henk Targowski this discography continued to grow.
Hans Diets and Bert de Zwart were a big help when I started building an online discography back in 1999. Their knowledge on Photoshop and HTML helped me to set up my very first website. And a special thanks to Leigh Pointer who helped me out with some tricky scripts that I was struggling with. It's amazing to see how he just writes scripts like it's his native language.

In the years to come many more lent a helping hand in many ways; Seb, known as Buss Muscovski in the 'old days' and his friend Mat, the owners of Roots-Archives, who offered me to run my website on their internet server, a service I have used for many years. Mat helped me on numerous occassions with technical stuff concerning FTP servers and other internet protocols.

I received many emails over the years, from visitors who sent me information, missing images, missing runouts and more. Information sent, just to help me make this discography as complete as possible, a task quite impossible it turns out. Visitors like Adam Morris, Alan Redfern, Andrew Dunn, Barry Weston, Benjahmin from JB-Sound, Dreadlion, Duane, Durran, Florent Palacin, Gary Lewis, Harri, Hugh, Ian Jules and Jan Bakken.

There is Fish from New York, who wrote the introduction page I have used for many years. Sorry Fish, it has been replaced for a new one. ;)
Without him even knowing, David Katz has been a great help. Many times I would grab his biography on Lee Perry, People Funny Boy or his discography he compiled with Jeremy Collingwoood Give Me Power to check facts or to find information I needed.

Many others helped me out with all sorts of things, some I only know by their first names: David (soulsoleilnice), Kim Woodfield, Laurent, Matt, Mike, Nicolas, René, Rob Brant, Robert Steinhilber, Simon Williams, Stefan, Tim P, Ton van Arnhem and Wilfried.

Last but not least I want to thank a special group of people who were willing to join me to realise this major update for my Smokeyroom Upsetter Discography. For months we discussed the contents of the site, added new releases, 'argued' about certain other releases. Everyone had their own input, big or small.
First off there is, again, Ronald de Groot who was there from the very start. With some of his mates, Ronald now owns and runs a genuine Sound System called Riddim Shower that has performed mainly in Holland for many years.
There is Mick Sleeper, known all over the internet for his creation Upsetter.Net. Luckily Mick is my only serious 'competitor' on this World Wide Web on the subject Lee Perry. He has a podcast called Bass Culture on which he broadcasts reggae shows regularly and apperently he loves beer.
Todd Campbell, a man with great knowledge on the subject and who gave me a different outlook on how to interpret Upsetter music. Todd has sent me many cdr's over the years with interesting music that has all made it in this very discography.
Siegfried de Ruiter, another fanatic and knowledgeable Upsetter collector. Siegfried keeps amazing me with new finds and has been a great source for obscure upsetting music.
And this list wouldn't be complete without Jeremy Collingwood, who many of you know as the man who compiled both Upsetter discographies Give Me Power and Kiss Me Neck. Jeremy has provided me with lots of information, label scans and side notes. I am truly thankful for the time and effort he put in this project, selflessly helping me with this latest update. Besides his discographies, Jeremy is responsible for the various Lee Perry compilations that were released on labels like Trojan and Pressure Sounds. A more complete overview of his works can be found on his website Lick It Back -Vintage Sound-

I'm sure I have forgotten to mention some people along the way. So to those not mentioned, please don't feel no way! After 15 years and with my old age, it was bound to happen. Thank you all !!!