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Newly designed LEE PERRY poster featuring the man himself and his classic imprints and albums using the traditional 'Letter Press' method which gives a textured feel to the poster.
Pressed as limited runs, this one is pressed on heavy weight hand made Indian recycled paper (approx A4) as an numbered limited edition of 16.

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In 2010, Jeremy Collingwood published the most comprehensive Lee 'Scratch' Perry discography ever written. Kiss Me Neck was developed on the basis of Give Me Power, an Upsetter discography that was compiled and published in 2000 by both Jeremy and David Katz.
Kiss Me Neck covers almost every release that involved The Upsetter and more. After a brief yet interesting introduction about the life of Lee Perry, Jeremy begins to list all Jamaican (disco)singles by release year, starting from scratch (if you'll pardon the pun) up until 2009. Next listed are all Lee Perry produced albums, followed by another long listing of UK and US (disco)singles.
Equaly interesting in this discography are the appendices with in particular the What About pages. In this last chapter of the book, Jeremy points out the many miscredited issues, possible Lee Perry connections and other releases that were clearly influenced by The Upsetter.
Kiss Me Neck is the most detailed guide in book form and a 'must' for both experienced fan and for the beginner.
You can order Kiss me Neck on Cherry Red Records who also published the book.

Originally from Johannesburg, Aura Lewis has been a singer-in-exile for over twenty five years. Having lived in such cultural hot spots as New York, Kingston and Paris, Aura has assimilated a wide variety of musical styles into her work. Perhaps the hardships she has known ande her many changes of residency have contributed most to the shaping of her works. Although she has worked with a number of internationally acclaimed artists such as the Brotherhood of Breath, Mory Kante, Maxime Le Forrestier and fellow South African exiles Malopoets, Aura has only managed to issue two twelve inch extended plays of her own material on the French Blue Moon label.
Many Musical Root readers may be familiar with Aura through her work with Lee "Scratch" Perry from the late '70s. When I (David Katz) met Aura recently at her home in Paris, she explained the very complicated story behind the recording of the songs issued (in fragmented form) as "Aura Meets Lee 'Scratch' Perry" more than ten years after the recordings were made. She also told many other tales of travels and of her involvement with music in various parts of the world, living a life full of experience ..... (read more)

Lee 'Scratch' Perry in collaboration with British artist Peter Harris made some truly visionary artworks, based on Harris’s drawings around themes central to the ‘Higher Powers’ film such as; destiny, fate, luck and doubt.
In an explosive collaboration between Artist and Musician, Perry lent his own visionary input to Harris’s graphic, accomplished pen and pencil drawings.
The result is a series of one-off artworks produced in a similar way to the automatic drawings of the Surrealists, with a hint of Primitivism, the magic of Voodoo, and the spirit of urban graffiti Artists.
Also available are some very Limited Edition Prints all individually hand signed by Perry himself. The prints are all hand screen printed, a four colour separations on quality Waterford 200 gm paper achieving a multi-coloured representation of the original artworks.

For the past 13 years, Volker Schaner has been visiting Lee Perry, equipped with camera and microphone. He now has a collection of intimate footage full of surprises, excitement and poetry. He reveals a shy and extravagant artist who is commonly regarded as a genius. New generations are becoming interested in discovering this strange man and we ask: Is he a magician? An actor? A musician? A poet? A prophet?
A story that is almost impossible to believe: a revelation, told about and with one of the major protagonists of contemporary music, it is an encounter with the major icon of the international Rastafari movement, a historical protagonist of the Black Power movement and the man who invented reggae and dub. The movie is a guide for how to change the world with music – with positivity, or, as Lee Perry calls it a “vibration”.
A spectacular morning in the Swiss Alps. The sun emerges from behind white clouds and shines from a steely blue sky onto the lush green meadows where cows graze contentedly. People from all around the world make a pilgrimage to ask the black-skinned Madonna of Einsiedeln for help and protection ..... (read more)

In 2012 Presspop released a vinyl Lee Perry action figure. The toy figurine, claimed to be officially approved by the man himself, came with adjustable arms and head. With accessories such as cloth hat, gold bracelets and gold necklace with star charm, this would make it a very fun thing to play with .... if you are into dolls. The edition limited to only 1000 units means that if you still want to get yourself one, you will probably have to search sites like eBay and pay considerable amounts of money.
In September 2013 the same Japanese company, announced the release of the second edition doll. So far only sketches of the doll have been released of what looks more like a small statue rather than a doll.
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