UPsetter Riddim Shower

(Various Artists)

1973 - (JA) Black Art -LP-, #BAR 002
1973 - (US) Black Heart -LP-, #BAR 002
1973 - (UK) Trojan -LP-, #TRLS 70
1996 - (UK) Trojan -CD-, #CDTRL 70
  1. Kentucky Skank (The Upsetters)
  2. Double Six (U Roy)
  3. Just Enough (David Isaacs)
  4. In The Iaah (The Upsetters)
  5. Jungle Lion (The Upsetters)
  6. We Our Neighbours (David Isaacs)
  7. Soul Man (The Upsetters)
  8. Stick Together (U Roy)
  9. High Fashion (I Roy)
  10. Long Sentence (The Upsetters)
  11. Hail Stones (I Roy)
  12. Ironside (The Upsetters)
  13. Cold Weather (The Upsetters)
  14. Waap You Waa (The Upsetters)
Produced by Lee Perry

The title for the Black Art Records release is DOUBLE 7 on the cover and DOUBLE 7 (7-7) VOL.1 on the label,
credited to Upsetters/David Issacs.
The Black Heart release is credited to Scratch The Upsetter.

Double Six is spelled 006 on the Black Art and Black Heart release.
In The Iaah is spelled In The Iwah on the Black Art and Black Heart release.
We Our Neighbours is misspelled We Ace Neighbours on the Black Heart release.