UPsetter Riddim Shower

(The Silvertones)

1973 - (JA) Black Art Records -LP-, #BA 001
1973 - (UK) Trojan -LP-, #TRLS 69
2003 - (UK) Trojan -CD-, #06076 80389 2
  1. I'll Take You Home
  2. Early In The Morning
  3. Sugar Sugar
  4. Souvenir Of Mexico
  5. Rejoice Jah Jah Children
  6. Rejoice Skank
  7. That When It Hurts
  8. Soul Sister
  9. Rock Me In Your Soul
  10. Sweet & Loving Baby
  11. He'll Break Your Heart
    Extra track (Trojan release):
  12. Are You Sure [Version]
The Black Art issue is recorded in so called 'Split Stereo' with most of the vocals in one channel and most of the riddim in the other.

"Although this album is divided equally between authentic reggae and versions of pop songs, it has a `heavy` overall feel, in the ethnic sense. This is due to the production work of Lee Perry (Scratch The Upsetter) who uses traditional, slow, laid back rhythms.
In effect they are shank rhythms: they lean heavily on drum and bass and a simple guitar riff, and together they produced a very dense, numbing sound.
Thus, even bubblegum material like Sugar Sugar is completely transformed into music which the authentic reggae fans can dig. Rock Me In Your Soul and Early In The Morning represent the ideal Sound System disc.
The arrangements are simple and will sound monotonous to ears which aren`t used to them. But these are exactly the type of sounds that are played loud over Sound Systems in dimly lit clubs and dance halls up and down the country for West Indian audiences. For them, at least, this LP will be very welcome."

Carl Gayle, BLACK MUSIC, January 1974