UPsetter Riddim Shower

(Lee Perry, Upsetters [The Mighty Upsetter])

1975 - (UK) DIP -LP-, #DLP 6002
1995 - (UK) Justice League -LP-, #JLLP 5000
1995 - (UK) Justice League -CD-, #JLCD 5000
2013 - (UK) Sunspot -LP-, #BC 98570
  1. Theme From Hong Kong
  2. Heart Of The Dragon
  3. Hold Them Kung Fu
  4. Flames Of The Dragon
  5. Scorching Iron
  6. Skango
  7. Funga
  8. Black Belt
  9. Iron Fist
  10. Kung Fu Man
    CD Bonus Tracks (Justice League):
  11. Enter The Dragon lp
  12. Black Belt Jones lp
  13. Exit The Dragon
  14. Rockstone Dub
  15. The Dragon Enters
  16. 23rd Dub
  17. Rebels Dub
Produced and arranged by Lee Perry
Recorded at the Black Ark studio.

lp Justice League LP release only

Over the years this album has been re-released many times, in many different colours and even
in a 'picture-disc' edition. Both Culture Press and Aztec Musique issued a CD release with quite
an interesting cover picture.

Not once, not twice, but three times the word Dragon in some of the song titles is misspelled as
Daggon on the DIP labels.
On top of that the DIP release lists 6 tracks on the label but has, like the cover states, only 5 tracks,
with the first title, Kung Fu Meets The Dragon ommiting.