UPsetter Riddim Shower

(Various Artists)

1998 - (UK) Trojan -CD-, #CDTRL 398
  1. Beware Of The Vampire (Denzil Laing)
  2. Barbara (Val Bennett)
  3. Prison Sentence (The Upsetters)
  4. Not Me (The Ethiopians)
  5. Cut Down (The Ethiopians)
  6. Uncle Desmond (Mellotones)
  7. Down In The Park (The Inspirations)
  8. Love Oh Love (The Inspirations)
  9. Can't Get No Peace (Eric Monty Morris)
  10. For A Few Dollars More (The Upsetters)
  11. A Taste Of Killing (The Upsetters)
  12. Strange Whisperings (The West Indians)
  13. Hard To Handle (Carl Dawkins)
  14. My Mob (The Upsetters)
  15. Freedom Train (Ernest Wilson)
  16. Dark End Of The Street (Pat Kelly)
  17. Since You Are Gone (Pat Kelly)
  18. Return Of The Ugly (The Upsetters)
  19. Till I Can't (David Isaacs)
  20. Rightful Ruler (Peter Tosh & U Roy)
  21. I Caught You (The Upsetters)
  22. Never Get Away (Eric Donaldson)
  23. A Broken Heart (Busty Brown)
  24. Dry Acid (Count Sticky & The Upsetters)
  25. Selassie (The Reggae Boys)
  26. Facts Of Life (The Mellotones)
Produced by Lee Perry.
Recorded at the Black Ark studio.