UPsetter Riddim Shower


(Various Artists)

1998 - (UK) Trojan -CD-, #CDTAL 902Z
2003 - (UK) Trojan -LP-, #TJFTV 108
    Disc One
  1. Eight For Eight (Lee Perry & The Upsetters)
  2. You Know What I Mean (The Inspirations)
  3. Return Of Django (The Upsetters)
  4. Dollar In The Teeth (Upsetters)
  5. Good Father (David Isaacs)
  6. What A Situation (Slim Smith)
  7. Ten To Twelve (The Upsetters)
  8. People Funny Fi True (Lee Perry)
  9. What A Price (Busty Brown)
  10. How Can I Forget (Busty Brown)
  11. I've Got Memories (David Isaacs)
  12. Leaving On a Jet Plane (David Isaacs)
  13. Mini Dress (Winston Jarrett)
  14. Mad House (Lee Perry)
  15. Night Doctor (The Upsetters)
  16. I'll Be Waiting (The Termites)
  17. To Love Somebody (Busty Brown)
  18. Farmers In The Den (The Bleechers)
  19. KiddyO (The Silvertones)
  20. Endlessly (The Silvertones)
  21. Man From M.I.5 (The Upsetters)
  22. Oh Lord (The West Indians)
  23. He'll Have To Go (David Isaacs)
  24. Since You Are Gone (David Isaacs)
  25. Medical Operation (The Upsetters)
    Disc Two
  1. Badam Bam (The Ravers)
  2. Live Injection (The Upsetters)
  3. Everything For Fun (The Bleechers)
  4. Come Into My Parlour (The Bleechers)
  5. Dry Up Your Tears (The Mellotones)
  6. Cold Sweat (The Upsetters)
  7. Pound Get A Blow (Upsetters)
  8. Hello Dolly (Pat Satchmo)
  9. King Of The Trombone (Busty Brown)
  10. The Vampire (The Upsetters)
  11. Check Him Out (The Bleechers)
  12. Soulful I (The Upsetters)
  13. No Bread And Butter (Milton Morris)
  14. Who To Tell (Bruce Bennett)
  15. I Can't See Myself Cry About You (Busty Brown)
  16. The Dirty Dozen (The Shadows)
  17. Crying Too Long (The Shadows)
  18. Stranger On The Shore (Val Bennett)
  19. Drugs And Poison (The Upsetters)
  20. The Same Thing That You Gave To Daddy (Nora Dean)
  21. A Testimony (The Upsetter Pilgrims)
  22. The Same Things (The Gaylads)
  23. I Wear My Slanders (The Gaylads)
  24. Yakety Yak (Lee Perry)
  25. The Tackro (The Upsetters)
Produced by Lee Perry.