UPsetter Riddim Shower

(Various Artists)

1998 - (AU) Ascension -LP-, #ANLP 009
1998 - (AU) Ascension -CD-, #ANCD 009
  1. I Do Love You (The Heptones)
  2. Love You Version (The Upsetters)
  3. Yeaha, Yaeha, Yaa (The Pioneers)
  4. Ethiopian Rock (Leonard Dillon & The Upsetters)
  5. Lizard Tongue Rock (I Roy)
  6. Dread In The West (I Roy)
  7. Big Joke (The Upsetters)
  8. Well Dread (Dennis Alcapone)
  9. Dread A Dread (The Righteous Upsetters)
  10. Me Nah Tell A Man aka I Know Something (Dillinger & The Upsetting Upsetters)
  11. Brother Man (Sam Carty)
  12. Brother Dub (The Upsetters)
  13. Bread And Butter aka Dig Pit (Leo Graham)
  14. Double Attack (Leo Graham)
    CD Bonus Tracks:
  15. Mr Phang, Mr Wong, Mr Chin (Easton Clarke)
  16. China Man Dub (Augustus Pablo & The Upsetters)
  17. Example Part One (Winston Wright & The Upsetters)
  18. Headquarters (Dillinger)
  19. Black Girl In My Bed (Shenley Duffus)
Produced by Lee Perry, except tracks 3 & 4 (produced by Lloyd Daley).

Yeaha, Yaeha, Yaa by The Pioneers is in fact Ugly Man by The Scorchers.
Ethiopian Rock by Leonard Dillon & The Upsetters is in fact Whip Cracker by Don D Jr.
Both tracks were produced by Lloyd Daley and released on a Matador 7 inch.