UPsetter Riddim Shower

lp_ethiopia ETHIOPIA
(Lee Perry & Friends)

1998 - Orange Street -CD-, #CDUB 7
  1. Stay Red (Lee Perry)
  2. Ethiopia (Aisha Morrison)
  3. I Am I Said (Bunny Ruggs)
  4. How Deep Is Your Love (Inamans)
  5. News Splash (Leo Graham/The Upsetters)
  6. Power To The Children (Lee Perry)
  7. Give Praises (Silvertones)
  8. Irie Irie (The Originals)
  9. Let Love Touch Us Now (Bunny Ruggs)
  10. Want-A-Wine (Leo Graham)
  11. I'll Take You Home (Silvertones)
  12. Bless The Weed [aka Bad Lamp] (Upsetters)
  13. Mumbling & Grumbling (Junior Byles)
  14. Thanks We Get (Upsetters)