UPsetter Riddim Shower

(Lee Perry & Friends)

1992 - Lagoon -CD-, #LG2 1034
  1. Ethiopia (Aisha Morrison)
  2. I Am I Said (Bunny Rugs)
  3. How Deep Is Your Love (The Inamans)
  4. News Splash (Leo Graham)
  5. Power To The Children (Lee Perry)
  6. Give Praises (The Silvertones)
  7. Iry Iry (The Originals)
  8. Let Love Touch Us Now (Bunny Rugs)
  9. Double Wine (The Originals)
  10. Stay Red (Lee Perry)
  11. I'll Take You Home (The Silvertones)
  12. Bless The Weed [aka Bad Lamp] (The Upsetters)
  13. Mumbling & Grumbling (The Silvertones)
  14. Thanks We Get (The Upsetters)