UPsetter Riddim Shower

(Max Romeo)

1975 - (JA) Black World -LP-, #BWLPS 001
1975 - (UK) Tropical Sound Tracs -LP-, #TSL 1000
1978 - (UK) Different -LP-, #GETL 102
  1. Revelation Time
  2. No Peace
  3. Tacko
  4. Blood Of The Prophet
  5. Blood Of The Prophet - Part 2
  6. Warning, Warning
  7. A Quarter Pound Of I'cense
  8. Three Blind Mice
  9. Open The Iron Gate
  10. Open The Iron Gate - Part 2
Produced by Azul, except Three Blind Mice (Lee Perry) and Revelation Time (Pete Weston).
Recorded at the Black Ark studio and Randy's studio.
Engineered by Lee Perry and George Philpotts.
Mixed at Dynamic Sound studio.
Engineered by Geoffrey Chung and Ronald Logan.

Bass – Aston "Family Man" Barrett, Clive Hunt, Geoffrey Chung, George Fullwood
Drums – Santa Davis, Carlton Barrett, Derrick Stewart, Michael Richards
Guitar – Earl "Chinna" Smit
h, Filberto Callendar, Geoffrey Chung, Michael Murray, Tony Chin
Harmonica – Tyrone Downie Horns – Bobby Ellis, Dirty Harry, Tommy McCook
Keyboards – Bernard "Touter" Harvey, Clive Hunt, Geoffrey Chung, Robert Lyn, Tyrone Downie
Percussion – Clive Hunt, Lee Perry, Michael Murray

Also released as Open The Iron Gate and Warning Warning