UPsetter Riddim Shower

(Lee "Scratch" Perry)

2002 - (UK) Trojan -CD-, #TJDDD 052
2004 - (UK) Earmark -2LP-, #43022
    Disk I
  1. Keep On Moving (Bob Marley & The Wailers)
  2. Mooving Version (Big Youth)
  3. African Herbsman (Bob Marley & The Wailers)
  4. Beat Down Babylon (Junior Byles)
  5. Ital Version aka Babylon Chapter 5 (The Upsetters)
  6. Informer Men (Junior Byles & Jah T)
  7. Alpha & Omega (Dennis Alcapone)
  8. Babylose Burning (Maxie, Niney & Scratch)
  9. Give Me Power (The Singers)
  10. Give Me Power No.2 (Roy Lee-King Iwah The 1st)
  11. Sunshine Showdown (The Upsetters)
  12. Tipper Special (The Upsetters)
  13. Brand New Second Hand (Peter Tosh & The Wailers)
  14. Mighty Clouds Of Joy (Lloyd Parks)
  15. Professor Ironside (Lloyd Parks)
  16. Iron Curtain (The Upsetters)
  17. Place Called Africa (Junior Byles)
  18. Africa Stand aka Place Called Africa Verse 5 (Dennis Alcapone)
  19. Chapter 3 Of Africa aka Place Called Africa Verse 3 (Winston Cool aka Dr Alimantado)
  20. Jah Rastafari aka Place Called Africa Verse 6 aka Wonder Man (Dennis Alcapone)
  21. This World (King Medious aka Milton Henry)
  22. Fever (Junior Byles)
  23. Hot & Cold (Augustus Pablo)
  24. Lick The Pipe Peter Part 4 (Jah T)
  25. Preacher Man (The Stingers)
  26. Preacher Man Version (The Upsetters)
    Disk II
  1. King Of Babylon (Junior Byles)
  2. Master Key (Dennis Alcapone)
  3. Key Hole (The Upsetters)
  4. One Love One Heart (The Righteous Flames)
  5. French Connection (Lee Perry)
  6. French Connection Chapter 2 (The Upsetters)
  7. Blackman Time (Lee Perry)
  8. Cool Iron (The Willows)
  9. Dub Organiser (The Upsetters)
  10. Whiplash (Wesley Germs)
  11. Good Night My Love (Chenley Duffus)
  12. At The End [of a Rainbow] (Chenley Duffus)
  13. Black IPA (The Upsetters)
  14. IPA Skank (The Upsetters)
  15. Jungle Lion (The Upsetters)
  16. Freak Out Skank (The Upsetters)
  17. Bathroom Skank (The Upsetters)
  18. Start Over (The Gatherers)
  19. Words of My Mouth (The Gatherers)
  20. Hot Tip (Prince Django)
  21. Bucky Skank (The Upsetters)
  22. Cow Thief Skank (Charlie Ace & Lee Perry)
  23. Justice To The People (The Upsetters)
Produced by Lee Perry.