UPsetter Riddim Shower

(Various Artists)

2002 - (UK) Trojan -3CD-, #TJETD 021
  1. Check Him Out (The Bleechers)
  2. Eight For Eight (Lee Perry & The Upsetters)
  3. Uncle Charley (The Mellotones)
  4. Man From MI 5 (The Upsetters)
  5. Prisoner Of Love (Dave Barker)
  6. The Vampire (The Upsetters)
  7. King Of The Trombone (Busty Brown)
  8. One Punch (The Upsetters)
  9. A Testimony (Upsetter Pilgrims)
  10. Medical Operation (The Upsetters)
  11. Yakety Yak (Lee Perry)
  12. Clint Eastwood (The Upsetters)
  13. Sipreano (Lee Perry)
  14. Tight Spot (Dave Barker & The Upsetters)
  15. Put It On (Bob Marley & The Wailers)
  16. Put It On (Instrumental) (The Upsetters)
  17. Earthquake [Version] (U Roy)
  18. Popcorn (The Upsetters)
  19. Give Me Power (The Stingers)
  20. Well Dread Version 3 (The Addis Ababa Children)
  21. Coming Again (Junior Byles)
  22. Hot Tip aka Middle East Rock (Prince Django aka Dillinger)
  23. Knock Three Times (The Upsetters)
  1. Jungle Lion (Lee Perry & The Upsetters)
  2. Cow Thief Shank (Charlie Ace & Lee Perry)
  3. Burning Wire (Jerry Lewis)
  4. Bathroom Shank (Lee Perry)
  5. Kentucky Shank (Lee Perry)
  6. Operation (The Upsetters)
  7. Want A Wine (Leo Graham)
  8. Fever (Susan Cadogan)
  9. Rejoice Jah Jah Children (The Silvertones)
  10. Move Out Of My Way (Bunny Clarke)
  11. History (Carlton Jackson)
  12. Ethiopian Land (Peter & Paul Lewis)
  13. Freedom Street (Eric Donaldson)
  14. Thanks And Praise (Junior Ainsworth)
  15. White Belly Rat (Jah Lloyd)
  16. Mr Money Man (Danny Hensworth)
  17. Dub Money (The Upsetters)
  1. City Too Hot (Lee Perry)
  2. Know Love (Twin Roots)
  3. Words (Sangie Davis & Lee Perry)
  4. Neckodeemus (The Congos)
  5. Introducing Myself (Lee Perry)
  6. I Am A Madman (12 Inch Mix) (Lee Perry)
  7. Time Marches On (Lee Perry)
  8. Exodus (Lee Perry)
  9. For Whom The Bell Tolls (Lee Perry)
  10. Evil Brain Rejecter (Lee Perry)
Produced by Lee Perry.

Compiled by David Katz